This page displays briefs that are currently open to all composers. When submitting please refrain from sending any rough demos or tracks that are not relevant to our briefs. We are looking for high quality material that is compositionally on brief, is structured towards library music, and has a professional standard mix.

We ask that all submissions be submitted via a streamable cloud sharing link (Dropbox,, etc) as we have no location to store physical files and other sites, such as Soundcloud, compress the audio too much. Please email all submissions to or the email address stated on brief.

Please allow plenty of time for a response from us as we often like to review submissions together. If a brief you are working on has been removed from this page you are still welcome to submit, please make sure you have the details of the brief to review. If you plan on submitting multiple tracks it’s useful if you can let us know how many you intend to submit.

A STRANGE KIND OF DRAMA: Deadline 2nd December

CELTIC FANTASY: Deadline 3rd December

THE RESULT: Deadline 7th October

INDIE UNDERSCORES: Deadline 15th October

INDIE UPLIFTING DRIVE: Deadline: 18th November

All THE RAGE - Action Rock: Deadline 19th November

We also welcome submissions of full albums in your chosen style 10-15 tracks.

We will give feedback on some submissions and may request some amendments.